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Let's be honest - taking pictures isn't always the most comfortable thing but my goal as your photographer is to dive into your story and help you every step of the way <3 I am here to make you and your significant other feel COMFORTABLE and BEAUTIFUL! 

How this works-

Relationships first, photos second.

From the moment we meet, my biggest intention is simply to create a friendship with you both. When we build a friendship it allows you to fully open up in front of the camera. 

When it feels good, it looks good.

The wedding industry makes it so easy to get caught in those Instagram moments of “how it will look..?” When you should be focused on the feelings of your day and your love. 

You deserve more than someone showing up on your wedding day to take photos or wanting you to change your day for me. Because of that, I am here to encourage and help you through the process of creating a wedding day that is true to you! 

We're here to help you create an experience.

The truth is you are going to spend so much time with your wedding photographer on your day and it’s important to have someone there you are comfortable with and trust. Your wedding day is your love story and you should have someone who supports that fully.

I am intentionally hands on within the process of planning so that when your wedding day comes, I can take a more hands off approach and document how it plays out. This means I can capture real moments and let you celebrate with your family and loved ones! 

 When we build a relationship and I can come into your day feeling connected to both of you, and that enables me to blend in with your guests celebrate your love! 

I always start your wedding day off by walking around the venue to take in all the details you have put so much time into. This also includes finding the perfect spots for all of your photos. I am here to support you both so that you can just have fun and enjoy the day you have dreamed of.

On your wedding day <3

Ready to connect? 


"I was pretty nervous to do the engagement session, as I’m not accustomed to getting my photo taken, but Kiarha made it so easy and comfortable. "

Not only did the photos turn out great, but we had the best time taking them. She delivered all of the photos so quickly too! 
At the wedding, Kiarha and her assistant went above and beyond providing help and encouragement throughout the whole day. I felt like I had a friend and ally throughout the entire process. They pinned dresses, brought water, impressively directed a huge group of family members into position, oh and also captured each special moment on camera. The photos and video were natural and beautiful, and delivered right on time. A number of family and friends commented afterwards just how easy they were to work with. I would highly recommend Kiarha to capture your special day.

" She went above and beyond for me multiple times on my wedding day!"

I cannot recommend Kiarha enough!! She went above and beyond for me multiple times on my wedding day! She is so sweet and compassionate and has great attention to detail! I am completely blown away by her and her work! 10/10 recommend and would use her again!

My Process:






Reach out to me
Step 1.
Message me through my contact page, give me all the details of what you are looking for and wanting so that I can send you an accurate quote!

Planning the details
Step 2. 
Then we will start planning! Once we decide we are a good fit we will figure out the best location and time for your session before I send you a proposal.

SAY YES + book it
Step 3. 
Next I send over a proposal with a contract and invoice! Through that same site, I will be able to send you a questionnaire and send over a style guide/ wedding guide with all my tips!

Step 4.
I will help with photo timelines and all the family photo details. BUT if you need any other help, like vendors, painting signs the day before the wedding or coffee runs, I am your girl!   

The big day arrives
Step 5. 
Once the day gets closer, I will connect with you and remind you of your session. After your session, I will send you your gallery in the agreed amount of weeks to your email!

Got Questions?

Why do you get to know couples?

How would you describe your images?

Do you offer Payment plans?

How long until I get my Photos?

Do you travel?

How Much Do you charge for travel?

Why do you do wedding Photography?

Why do you get to know couples?

I believe the best photos are created within your story! I take the time to understand who you and your partner are and your journey towards falling in love so that we can make images that represent YOU! Your good sides, the way you laugh when you see each other, and all the ways that make you perfect for one another.

How would you describe your images?

Candid, playful, and the little moments. The editing? True-to-color warm, and timeless.

Do you offer Payment plans?

Yes! Other than the retainer due at signing and the remainder due a week/ month before, we can set up a payment plan however you would like!

How long until I get my Photos?

I will deliver photos as soon as I can! For my own sanity, I give myself 4-8 weeks for weddings and 2-3 weeks for portrait sessions. Depending on my schedule, I can deliver photos even sooner, so keep an eye on your email! I know waiting for your photos can be the worst, but trust me … I’m making sure your photos get delivered in the best possible quality.

Do you travel?

Yes!!! If you’ve got an adventurous location in mind I am so down!

How Much Do you charge for travel?

My travel expenses are dependent on how far away we are from each other. Typically, I charge per mile when it comes to driving distance. If you’re within a flight’s distance, I just charge you for the flight. Feel free to fill out my contact form for a more accurate travel expense quote.

Why do you do wedding Photography?

I am absolutely in love with the LOVE I get to witness between two people. 

The thing I love most about wedding photography is that it takes you to places you would never normally see and it transports you into the lives of strangers who for a day at least often feel like your friends. You witness their nerves, their tears, their love, happiness as well as pure joy and laughter.

Lets Make Magic  <3

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