Be Sexy. Be Beautiful. Be You.

It’s time for you to see how gorgeous you really are! 
It’s such a special time in your life and it deserves to be captured. Whether you want to commemorate your bridal period or you’re wanting to gift your fiance with an album – I’m here for it all! 


The location is totally up to you and will be absolutely perfect no matter where you choose. I do offer a photo studio location in Eugene but if you have a place in mind I would absolutely love to hear it! Whether it’s a cute Air BnB you have booked, outside in the sunshine by a river, or in your home, there is no wrong choice! It is where you are most comfortable and you feel the most beautiful. This is an example of one of the gorgeous women I got to photograph at…. A RACE TRACK! 

There are no wrong questions! 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions before or during your session! No question is too silly or too small! Can I change in private? (Yes! there is a restroom for changing!) Can we listen to my favorite playlist while we shoot? (this one is a big yesssss!!) Can we do this pose? (Yes! Yes! Yes!) 

Choose your lingerie/outfit/accessories

Deciding what to wear for your Boudoir session can be a hurdle on its own. There is so much variety out there, so it can be hard to decide. If you already have a lot of lingerie, I suggest bringing most of it on the day of your session so that we have options to choose from! If not, go out and get something new and sexy for yourself! I suggest picking one or two sets that you LOVE and one that your future husband will love! Full set of lingerie including a garter belt, thigh highs, and heels as one option. You could also do a sexy body suit, sheer tank top, white t-shirt, jeans shorts, even sweat pants, anything that makes you feel sexy or that you feel SEXY in! I also recommend bringing a black or white thong as something

I have a full client closet that you will have full access to as well (Examples below)

Pinterest Ideas 

Consider what you want your images to look like and what feeling you want. Think about what you want the focus to be on and select outfits based on that.

Bridal/ light and airy – Something white, barefoot, soft.

Balconette/ pushup bra, front clasp or low-cut bodysuit.

Legs – Closed-toe heels, thigh highs, high-cut underwear. 

Booty – thong, bodysuit, thigh highs. (you want to frame the butt and draw attention to the hips as well.)

Don’t forget accessories! – Shoes, robes, garter, body chains, handcuffs, bling, earrings, lipstick, a lollipop, etc.

Plan on something special for him if it’s a gift. For example, if he has a shirt or work uniform you could pose in.

Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure.

Stay hydrated and moisturized in the days leading up to your shoot 

Sometimes, having your partner in crime (ie. your best friend) can help with the nerves and make sure that your personality shines through your photos. It is important to me that all my clients have a comfortable and fun time during their photo sessions, so bring whoever you feel comfortable with (Just not your significant other! He/she is welcome to come but if it is a surprise, having a “girls day” is a perfect way to keep it secret.) 

Day of your session

It’s a big day and I am sure you are feeling some nerves. However, there are a few things I want to be sure you remember in order for us to capture all of the looks we’re aiming for during the session. 

Pack everything the night before! 

Pack a small makeup touch-up kit, concealer, blush, etc. 

Drink water and have a snack

Bring your wedding veil, shoes, garter, or even your dress if you have it! 

Bring any accessories that will add a unique or special touch to your session

Wear something loose to your session to avoid line (sweatpants and loose t-shirt) 

Be honest– If you’re nervous, just say so! Sometimes, just naming our fears takes away some of their power. Also, if you don’t like a feature of your body, remember that this is your session and it’s totally okay to be upfront about this. 

After your session

My goal is for you to feel confident and on top of the world!! Plus, you will be all dolled up from your Session so take advantage of it and plan a fun night! It’s the perfect way to complete your day and you’ll be feeling stunning so go strut your stuff!

I will send sneak peeks within a week and the full gallery within 30 days. From this, you will select your favorite photos by “hearting” them on your gallery and we will work together to create a beautiful album or prints!  

I am here to hype you up, cheer you on, and guide you through it every step of the way. 

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